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Project Alloy HMD

Want to come work in my lab? With Intel's recent announcement about Project Alloy at our annual developer conference (IDF), we can fly our Intel Is Working on VR banner high. My team in Intel's Perceptual Computing Group is engineering both Alloy and next-generation prototypes in parallel (including other families of devices like Euclid). Please reach out on Twitter if you have any questions (DMs are open). As always, we definitely encourage applicants from diverse and under-represented backgrounds.

Sr. Software Engineer - Systems and Applications

The Project Alloy API synthesizes many subsystems including sensor-fusion/tracking, dense reconstruction, hand tracking, graphics). This position is a good fit for engineers who enjoy digging into different parts of the stack and optimizing performance and developer UX.

Engine Developer - Virtual Reality

Many Project Alloy demos are conceived in a custom C++11 engine. This role builds out the features and capabilities of our in-house engine, while developing other features that fit as plugins into third-party engines like Unity.

Software Engineer - Virtual Reality

A generalist software-engineering role to tackle prototypes across all Project Alloy APIs: spatial mapping, hand-tracking, and collision avoidance.

Virtual Reality Design Technologist

Do you love making shiny prototypes and demos? Multi-room scale VR/AR/MR has a variety of unsolved challenges around generative/procedural content, rendering, and gameplay. This role is a perfect fit for anyone from a gamedev background who needs a break from 2-3 year studio development cycles.

Software Engineer - Machine Learning

Much of the high-level RealSense functionality in Project Alloy is derived from low-level machine learning and computer vision research. Algorithms folk who have a passion for solving hard problems with real-time vision data in computationally efficient ways, apply here.

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